The Reality of “Making Money While Doing Nothing.”

I think most of us have heard the phrase, “If it’s too good to be true…it probably is.” Yeah…don’t fall for anything that says, “Make money while watching tv,” or “Passive income from your couch.” As I stated in my previous blog…I decided to try these out. Online jury duty…that did pay. I received two cases to review in the last 8 weeks. I received $5 for each of them. So…I took myself out for coffee. Thinking of getting rich while doing the paid surveys??? Please…they are usually about a penny per minute of survey. So a 45 minute survey is a whopping 45 cents. In today’s America…you generally can’t even get a candy bar for that.

I also tried out some of the Freelancer sites. I heard great things about Upwork. So…I filled out the paperwork…put in what I know that I can do…and waited. Waited to be denied because there are too many other people out there wanting to freelance with the same skills and not enough jobs. So yeah…unless you are amazing at coding…or something of the like…think again. Other freelance sites were a little easier to work with…however I’m now 6 weeks out from beginning this journey with very little to show for my efforts on this front. I know that I am good at setting up sites, am creative, can write…etc. That’s great!!! So can many many other talented people.  This is where the enormous uphill battle is.

I am not one to be fully detoured by struggle. Forget that. I took a backseat for a moment to watch the world go by…so to speak. I re-evaluated my priorities and reminded myself of what I want in life. I want to be a participant in life…not a frequent bystander. So…I started an e-commerce store. I thought…here’s a way to incorporate my love of site design, mountains, living. Well…it was a start…and I took the site down after about 2 weeks of significant learning curves in the world of e-commerce. This wasn’t bad…and while maybe technically it is considered a failed project…I don’t see it as a failure at all.

I love to explore, learn, travel, see and do things. In recent years, health issues have stalled my exploration and participation in life. Yet…I am overcoming these struggles and am determined to get out and experience life as I once did. I needed a project that would encourage this. It’s very easy to sit at home and do nothing because you don’t feel good…it’s also easy to let your body tell your mind to stop…when really you need to get out and move. With these factors in mind…I set out to create a new project that would encourage active living, keep me out of the poor house, and have a lot of fun. Thus…Out N About Chicago and the sub-project Out N About Global were born.

Out N About Chicago is my platform for exploring everything this great city has to offer. My first YouTube video looks at the charms and quirks of the trendy Wicker Park Neighborhood. I have tied all the social media sites to…which is an e-commerce website dedicated to selling all things Chicago related. Out N About Global is a similar platform to Out N About Chicago…however will focus on my adventures outside of the Windy City. I have two other “homes.” I am originally from Montana and I spent several years living in central and northern New Mexico. So there will be adventures from these beautiful states when I return for visits. I have plans for travel to Europe in the coming years and will feature videos and blog posts about these experiences as well.

So there ya have it…my experiences with “going down the rabbit hole”…and what I found on the other side! I don’t know if this is helpful to anyone but me…as I find writing cathartic. Yet…I promised a report of sorts in my first blog…and here ya have it!

My best to those fighting the good fight in the land of freelance! You have more patience and tenacity then I…and that’s saying something!

Til next time-



We All Gotta Start Somewhere!

Starting something new is ALWAYS a little scary. Whether it’s posting your first blog, launching a new site, leaving the traditional 9-5 for the freedom of freelance, or…jumping off a cliff for the first time, it all provides the same rush of adrenaline. All those questions come pouring in ie: Can I do this? Will I make it? Will my family make it financially? What if I fail? What if I succeed? Yep…I’m going through all of that right now as I write this. Yet…we all have been through many failures and successes in life. Guess what? We Made It!!! Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this…and you wouldn’t be reading it.

So…here I go. In the coming days, weeks, months, hopefully years…I will be blogging about all that I learn as I go through the process of figuring out what is REAL out there. So stay tuned, subscribe, and you will be on this journey with me! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism…go ahead and fill out that contact log. I would love to hear from you!

Back to ya soon!